Historic centre

Historic centre

Nebbiuno, Italy

The gentle hills of the Novara area in Piedmont, in a territory that is famous for the beauty of its landscapes and a mild and welcoming climate. It is here that the story of Nebbiuno began, as far back as Roman times. Known for pasture farming and for the attractions of the surrounding area, this municipality with its ancient roots still conserves the typical structure of a Medieval village in some parts, with houses in stone looking out over narrow lanes.

In a historic town like Nebbiuno, the aesthetics of the lighting system are as fundamentally important as more functional aspects such as energy efficiency and the lifespan of the light source. Both the shape of the lighting units and the type of light they emit have therefore been chosen, as they are able to perfectly integrate with the surrounding environment and become an element that contributes to the village’s charm.

The project for Nebbiuno was in response to the need to substitute the old sodium lamps with more technologically modern solutions while at the same time respecting the beauty of the historic village. To this end, Agathos lanterns with LED technology were chosen, in the version with a colour temperature of 2200K and CRI>70, designed with the aim of evoking the shape of period lighting. This solution allowed to obtain the warm atmosphere of old high-pressure sodium lamps while allowing for a significant reduction in energy consumption thanks to the use of LED technology.




Stefano Anzini

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