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Freixes and Ramblas car parks

Freixes and Ramblas car parks

Sant Just, Spain

Far from being simple functional spaces, urban car parks and parks now play a fundamental role in the urban environment and there is a growing trend to enhance them and render them fully usable for citizens. They are therefore enriched with green areas, paths, benches offering rest points and play areas when children can have fun in complete safety.

This is not only true in the daytime, when there are more people around, but also at night, when the right kind of lighting can provide that sense of security necessary to render any place fully habitable, in particular service areas such as these.

A profitable collaboration

These principles form the foundations of the re-qualification project for the Freixes and Ramblas car parks in Sant Just, Spain, involving various lighting solutions by Cariboni Group.

The Spanish municipality has been collaborating with the Group for a long time now and has already had the opportunity to experience the efficiency and aesthetic impact of the proposed solutions. Consolidated experience with local administrations in fact allows not only a full assessment of the various design needs, but also the proposal of increasingly more efficient products that are capable of providing precise solutions for specific requirements of public management, such as attractiveness, security, durability, cost and energy savings.

The adopted solutions have led to solid responses to all of these requirements. Lighting that renders routes safe both for transit and permanence due to the sense of tranquillity that these solutions provide, their minimalist yet modern and incisive design, and the fact that they are easy to manage while at the same time allowing for savings in energy. The project is by the architectural firm Marta Costa + Mercè Palau, lighting calculations by Cristina Carme. Products used: Kosmos, Circle, Flat, Fin Pole and Fin XS with Sinapse programming.



Architectural firm Marta Costa + Mercè Palau


Stefano Anzini


Cristina Carme

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