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Smart City, Lonato del Garda

Smart City, Lonato del Garda

Brescia, Italy

Connected public lighting offers services to the benefit of citizens, businesses and administrations and makes cities more liveable, pleasant, efficient, comfortable and safe. Cariboni Group has been one of the protagonists of the lighting and energy redevelopment of Lonato del Garda, which has transformed the city of Brescia area into a smart city able to improve the safety and well-being of its citizens and of all urban users.

Lonato del Garda has been able to enhance its social, environmental and artistic heritage and to considerably reduce energy consumption, with all that that results in reducing public spending. 68% of energy savings are expected with the equivalent reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

All this is the result of a perfect synchrony between the installed LED optical systems and the flux regulation devices remote controlled. The intervention has also allowed a reduction in the costs of managing the plants through an optimization of the times and the modalities of operation on possible faults: this was made possible thanks to an innovative QR CODE system which, assigned to each light source, allows an immediate and univocal identification, to the benefit of both the citizen - who can easily report an anomaly via smartphone to a call center dedicated - that of the manager (and, therefore, of the Administration), which will have the opportunity to carry out repairs and maintenance in a more timely, targeted and appropriately equipped to the needs of the intervention.

The operation was managed by Citelum, an EDF Group company, and in addition to Cariboni Group, Reverberi-Enetec participated in the project for the basic technology of Smart City and Baccinelli Srl for the construction of the infrastructure.

6,843 light sources were replaced and the old lighting fixtures were replaced with our products called Flat Link String Suspension, Kai Pole System, Kalos Pole Side, Kalos Post Top and Levante Floodlight. These are state-of-the-art high-performance LED products that integrate devices for smart city management.

The new lighting systems have enhanced the remarkable historical and artistic heritage of the Territory, with artistic and architectural lighting interventions dedicated to the bastions of the Fortress of Lonato, the Basilica of San Giovanni Battista, the Fornaci Romane, the fourteenth-century Church of Sant'Antonio. The services offered to the city include adaptive lighting of streets and pedestrian crossings, CCTV video surveillance, Wi-Fi hot spots, air quality control units, illuminated information panels with variable message and monitoring and analysis of parking levels in car parks.

Dante Cariboni (CEO of Cariboni Group) confirms that: "The proposed products are directed towards the forward-looking choices required by the Municipality: technologically innovative and with an ideal design for the urban and extra-urban historical context of Lonato".




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