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Harbour of Nervi

Harbour of Nervi

Genoa, Italy

Nervi is a charming residential district in the municipality of Genoa, characterised by brightly coloured houses and a waterfront with restaurants and numerous commercial activities.

We have illuminated its harbour, contributing with our lighting fixtures to a broader redevelopment project that has transformed it into a welcoming place for social, tourist and commercial gatherings.

"It is not a new harbour, it is a different harbour. It is a major redevelopment that will make the harbour one of the main ones on the stretch from Genoa to Portofino. What is most interesting is that Nervi will resume its role as the pearl of Italy as it was once defined. A feature of this project is that it has been realised with the citizens of Nervi, many things have changed compared to the original project, and that is fine: it means that the citizens have participated," said Mayor Marco Bucci.

Various LED luminaires have been chosen for the energy upgrading of the harbour.

Kosmos is the ideal solution for lighting paths and urban spaces. The system is flexible and includes different installation methods to meet specific project requirements. In addition, it guarantees visual comfort, safety and enhanced quality of space thanks to its innovative dedicated optical systems.

Fin xs is a compact floor-washer designed for illuminating walkways, stairs and ramps. The shapes of its optical system screen the sources fully to eliminate glare.

Grace is an elegant and compact solution with no visible screws, ideal for the grazing lighting of pedestrian areas and pathways. The radial and continuous light distribution is even and comfortable. The luminous flux is directed downwards in order to prevent unwanted emissions.



Stefano Anzini

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