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Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor

Odena, Spain

A skilful blend of modernity and historical charm; Plaza Mayor is an ideal expression of past and future, in which the brightness of the large spaces that characterise the plaza is contrasted by the warmth of the period stone buildings that look out over it.

The choice of the lighting system had to reflect the character and the particular impact of this place, both aesthetically and functionally.

Lighting large spaces

An initial consideration regards the spaces that need to be illuminated. One of the characteristics that stands out in this very particular plaza is the vastness of the empty spaces that contribute to creating the overall impact.

These are spaces that in the daytime are illuminated by the points of colour provided by the children’s play areas or by the modern writing at the entrance to the plaza. Simple elements that however express great character and provide a contrast with the period background, with its uneven earth-tone bricks and the unassuming sobriety of the buildings.

These are spaces that at night need to be enhanced with suitable lighting capable of creating the right balance between light and shade, while at the same time rendering the areas safe from both a usability point of view and in terms of the well-being of the citizens.

The importance of aesthetics

Functional characteristics go hand in hand with the aesthetic appearance of the lighting units. As we have already said, the particular contrast between contemporary elements and period buildings, minimalist design and classic structures, is one of the particularities of this plaza, perhaps the aspect that more than any other renders it so special. In a setting such as this, Kosmos is an almost obligatory choice. Clean, modern and essential lines, yet with a strong aesthetic impact.

A product that is easily noticed, but which is also capable of perfectly integrating into various urban environments or green spaces. Project by the municipal engineer of Odena Josep Tico, light calculations by Cristina Carme.




Municipal engineer of Odena Josep Tico


Stefano Anzini


Cristina Carme

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