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Melnragės Park

Melnragės Park

Klaipėda, Lithuania

Commissioned by the Municipality of Klaipėda, Melnragės Park is the new recreational space of the Lithuanian city, located near the mouth of the Nemunas River.

The project, financed by the European Union and the Municipality of Klaipėda, enabled the construction of a modern infrastructure, which has been highly appreciated by residents and tourists, who can enjoy the new pedestrian paths, practice sports activities and watch sunsets on the sand.

A complete redevelopment of the area, overlooking the Baltic Sea, with the construction of playgrounds, the installation of benches, picnic tables and deckchairs, and the planting of new trees, replacing old ones, within 6.36 hectares of parkland.

Omikron Pole, our compact and flexible solution ideal for accent and diffuse lighting of urban spaces and green areas, has been used to illuminate walkways and playgrounds.

The quality of the light sources and the optical system, consisting of a retroreflective lens with double internal reflection (D-TIR), ensure the homogeneity of the light emitted and a high colour rendering of the materials.

For the lighting design with warm light (3000 K) have been chosen two different optics: wide beam (45°) and ultra-wide beam (90°).




Zeldynai landscape architects


Andrius Pavelko


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