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New multifunctional centre

New multifunctional centre

Finale Emilia, Italy

Finale Emilia is an Italian municipality in the province of Modena (Emilia-Romagna).

We have contributed to the functional and accent lighting of the new multifunctional centre, La Fiorita, and the surrounding car park. Built on two floors, it is used for commercial activities and services.

Kore, in the ground recessed version, has been chosen for emphasising the architecture. Its optical unit, tiltable on the vertical axis up to -15° (in steps of 5°) and rotatable up to +359°, allows the luminous flux to be directed freely.

The quality of the light sources and the optical system of this product ensure homogeneity of the light emitted and a high colour rendering of the materials.

One4two, thanks to its versatility, has been successfully proposed in the wall-mounted version and ceiling-mounted version, with and without tige, to illuminate the access paths to commercial activities. For the illumination of the green areas, located in the central area of the structure, it has been instead installed on pole.

In the functional outdoor spaces, which include the car parks and walkways, has been used Flat Link, a flexible product with a modern shape designed by Silvio De Ponte.


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