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Redevelopment of the former general fruit and vegetable market

Redevelopment of the former general fruit and vegetable market

Genoa, Italy

The area where the former Genoa general fruit and vegetable market was held, in Corso Sardegna, covers 23,000 smq. The original buildings were constructed from 1926 onwards.

The engineering company Dodi Moss has been entrusted with the restoration and reuse project, with the general coordination by landscape architect Egizia Gasparini.

The aim of the project from the outset was to retain part of the buildings of the historic layout, preserving the perimeter and binding volumes. Four of the interior buildings, on the other hand, were demolished to create a large neighbourhood park.

Thanks to the redevelopment project, the area of the former market now houses a connective, shops (7,000 smq), a large park (8,500 smq), an association space (400 smq) and numerous car parks (5,600 smq).

Two of our lighting fixtures have been chosen to illuminate it, guaranteeing full and safe usability during the hours of darkness: Lit Poles and Path Bollard.

Lit is a complete and flexible system with an essential, modern and elegant shape. Available in three sizes (small, medium and large), it can be equipped with a collar for fastening to posts, in single or double configuration.

The innovative optical systems designed for the line generate a soft and even light distribution, which guarantees visual comfort, safety and enhanced quality of space.

Path is a bollard with symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution, ideal for illuminating squares, green areas and pedestrian pathways. Thanks to the application of petals, the light emission is customisable.

The indirect light optical system offers an even and comfortable light distribution.



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