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Urban lighting redevelopment

Urban lighting redevelopment

San Felice Circeo, Italy

Italian municipality in the province of Latina, Lazio.

In order to increase the energy efficiency of the public lighting system, replacing the old discharge products, have been chosen our urban and street lighting solutions: Classic, Lit Poles, Themelio and Kai.

Classic, a product that combines traditional shapes with technological innovation.

The nostalgic mouldings of its profile, which recall traditional lampposts and old lamps, enclose a high-performance technological core that can adapt to the requirements of any project.

Lit Poles is a complete and flexible system with an essential, modern and elegant shape. Equipped with a collar, it can be fastened to a pole, with a single or double configuration.

The innovative optical systems designed for the Lit line guarantee a soft and even light distribution.

Themelio, a product designed for the well-being of the inhabitants of urban spaces. Every detail has been designed to achieve the best balance between visual comfort and photometric performances.

The optical plane has been positioned backward, in order to reduce the visibility of the sources, and its shapes are a LED reinterpretation of the old bell-shaped lamps used during the last century for urban and industrial lighting.

Kai, a highly performing street lighting fixture both in terms of quality of light distribution and energy efficiency, has been used to ensure the safety and viability of urban streets.


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