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Hamlet of Menzino

Hamlet of Menzino

Monte Isola, Italy

Menzino is the smallest hamlet of Monte Isola, a municipality in the province of Brescia with just over 1600 inhabitants and located in the centre of Lake Iseo, on the largest lake island in Europe. Located in the south-west of Monte Isola, it is a small medieval village dating back to the 14th century and dominated by the Martinengo castle.

The municipal area, where there isn’t private vehicular traffic, has been redeveloped in 1982 by Arch. Franco Maffeis to accommodate 14 families. The intervention, respectful of pre-existing distinctive elements (walls in local stone, wooden beams), has introduced some innovative material and constructive characteristics, such as pitched roofs and new wooden structures, differentiated also chromatically from the original ones.

New lighting

For the new lighting of the hamlet has been chosen Aplos in the bollard version, with the dual objective of enhancing its charm at night and improving both space usability and pedestrian traffic flow.

Uniform and diffuse light emission

The modern and minimalist design of Aplos blends well with the original stone facades, contributing to add charm to the village. The color temperature of 3000K, combined with an optical system with high visual comfort and a uniform and diffuse light emission, creates a warm atmosphere that envelops the visitor.

Simple and linear shapes

The bollards, characterized by simple and linear shapes, has been placed around the perimeter of the houses to illuminate the central square and the surrounding walkways. In this way has been significantly increased the night-time visibility, which until then was provided by a unique pole-mounted light source.

The lighting project has been carried out by Studio Guerini Per. Ind. Graziano.




Studio Guerini Per. Ind. Graziano


Stefano Anzini

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