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Temple Theatre

Temple Theatre

Pietravairano, Italy

The Temple Theatre of Monte San Nicola in Pietravairano, in the province of Caserta (Campania), represents one of the most beautiful and rare examples of temple-theatre type facilities. Situated at a height of 409 metres and dating back to the second century B.C., it is from the Roman-Republican period and represents a stage in the Roman conquests of southern Italy.

Discovered by chance in 2001 by Professor Nicola Lombardi after a hang-gliding flight, it consists of a theatre and an Italic temple arranged on two terraces at different heights, in an area of about 3,000 square metres.

On the upper terrace is the rectangular-plan temple with 'Tuscanic' architectural order, a typical Etruscan order. The lower terrace, located twenty metres below, is occupied by a splendid theatre, modelled on Greek theatres.

The archaeological site has been recovered through a major restoration project that lasted several years. We contributed to illuminate it, making it recognisable even at night and enhancing its architecture.

For the project has been chosen Levante, a compact and flexible projector which, thanks to its ±90° tiltable mounting base, can be precisely oriented according to different project requirements.

The use of a colour temperature of 2200K, a very warm white tending towards amber, similar to the old sodium lamps but with a high colour rendering index, made it possible to make the archaeological site even more welcoming in the visitor's eyes.



Antonio Trocchia

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