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Train Station

Train Station

Sulmona, Italy

Mainland Italy, made even more fascinating by a wealth of historically important sites and monuments, is also characterised by a large number of railway hubs that date back more than a century. In the process of refurbishing these stations, there are an ever-increasing number of municipalities and designers choosing to install lighting units from our Trail line.

The new works were for the Sulmona station in the province of L’Aquila, in Abruzzo.

The second-largest rail hub behind that of the provincial capital Pescara, the original station, which dated back to the end of the 19th century, was completely destroyed during the Second World War due to its strategic position. Rebuilt in the mid-1900s, it is still an important part of the railway network.

In the last few months the station has undergone significant refurbishment that, as well as improving the efficiency of the lighting units, also focused on the removal of architectural barriers, the renovation of the underpass and atrium - including the ticket office - and the installation of a new audio-visual passenger information system.

The old lighting systems was substituted with the Trail LED line, which is available in a range of variants: wall, ceiling, floor, recessed and in a continuous line.

This extremely compact and highly efficient product in fact allows for the uniform lighting of internal and external spaces, offering excellent visual comfort. In a station, it can be applied to a range of areas, from the entrance to the passageways, from the platforms to the underpasses.

Thanks to the use of Trail, it was, on the one hand, possible to reduce power consumption while providing excellent and sustainable lighting, and on the other to increase safety for passengers, eliminating dark areas and enhancing the walkways.

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