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Porto Venere, Italy

Cariboni Group lights up the seafront promenade of Porto Venere. Due to its urban territorial extension it is the smallest municipality of the province of La Spezia, located at the southern end of a peninsula, which, breaking away from the jagged coastline of the eastern Ligurian Riviera, forms the western shore of the Gulf of La Spezia or also called "gulf of the Poets".
In 1997 Porto Venere, together with the islands of Palmaria, Tino, Tinetto and the Cinque Terre was included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Last year the municipal council led by the Mayor Matteo Cozzani approved the final project of extraordinary maintenance of the promenade that leads from Piazza Bastreri to the small port of the seaside village.

The decline, which presented widespread problems of stability of the surface due to the strong degradation suffered over the years by the stone material, has been completely restored maintaining the characteristics that define the consolidated image of the promenade and its accessibility.

"We are very pleased to have managed to achieve this important goal for our village - declared the Mayor Matteo Cozzani - Doria was in extreme need of renovation and thanks to the collaboration with the administrator we managed to make the waterfront of the village shine again as in the past. The new technical solutions included in the project have also greatly improved the lighting of the promenade, solving one of the most important problems to date unresolved."

The objectives of the project

In addition to the unavoidable objectives of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability widely achieved, the fundamental objective of the project, realized by Archinstudio03 of Sarzana, was to install LED lamps in the territory, with a refined "old style" design, to trace the historical characteristics of the urban furnishings enhancing the space, improving safety levels and respecting the nature of the village.


Cariboni proposed LED lantern called AGATHOS, a combination of historical design and modern technology that satisfied the need of the city administration to give back to the citizens the seafront in its former beauty.
The technical characteristics of the lantern are coherent with the environmental context and LED technology has improved its perception thanks to the optical systems appropriately created for the seaside village.
AGATHOS was supplied both POST TOP version with rotosymmetrical optics and SUSPENSION version for installation on a pastoral arm with street optics.



Municipality of Porto Venere


Studio Archinstudio03


Stefano Anzini

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