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Basilica of St Martin and St Maria Assunta

Basilica of St Martin and St Maria Assunta

Treviglio, Italy

The Basilica of St Martin and St Maria Assunta is the main church in the city of Treviglio, in the province of Bergamo. Located in the central square, opposite the town hall, it embraces the town centre.

Restored and modernised several times, it is characterised by the fusion of different architectural styles. It has become a minor basilica in June 1951 at the behest of Pope Pius XII./p>

The lighting project, carried out by Studio Switch, a lighting design studio based in Bergamo, has shown that light can change the perception of an architecture.

To illuminate the façade of the Basilica has been chosen our Sigma Flood. An architectural floodlight that is characterised by a timeless shape, declinable in a complete and flexible system.

Recessing the optical system with respect to the screen improves comfort and makes the sources less visible. The finish of the collector eliminates all unwanted reflection, ensuring precise light output control.

The lighting design studio has designed lighting on two levels.

On one side, it applied a veil of background light to the façade, to recall the moonlight with a very natural effect, while respecting the front of the Basilica.

On the other, it introduced very calibrated accents, which allowed to emphasise the most important architectural elements.

Thanks to the creation of a productive synergy between the lighting designers and our company, the design objective has been achieved. The façade has once again become the protagonist of the square and the luminous backdrop for everything that takes place within the surrounding urban space.




Studio Switch


Stefano Anzini

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