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Piazza Giuseppe Verdi

Piazza Giuseppe Verdi

Busseto, Italy

Busseto is an Italian municipality in the province of Parma, in the Emilia-Romagna region, which is world-famous as the birthplace in 1813 of the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi. The town has very ancient roots, dating back to the 10th century.

Soft and diffuse lighting

Developed in agreement with the Superintendence of Parma, from the very beginning the lighting project aimed to enhance the architecture in its original forms and volumes through a soft and diffuse lighting that led to the installation of several of our lighting fixtures within the city.

We are particularly proud to have played an active role in illuminating Piazza Giuseppe Verdi and the Rocca Pallavicino, home of the Giuseppe Verdi Theatre and the Municipality of Busseto.

In order to illuminate Piazza Giuseppe Verdi, Levante architectural floodlights were installed under the eaves, providing a soft and even lighting. During the day, this solution reduces the visual perception of the lighting fixtures, which are nonetheless marked by a modern and linear design; at night, thanks to the asymmetrical optics that guarantee a G6 class luminous intensity, it ensures an optimal luminous uniformity.

With its fifteenth-century rectangular layout, the square is dominated by the bronze monument to the great composer Giuseppe Verdi. To allow to admire it at night, floodlights with a colour temperature of 4000 K were chosen to enhance the materic nature of the bronze.
For the lighting of the Rocca Pallavicino, it was decided to use Sigma floodlights and Trail linear lighting system with a colour temperature of 3000 K; a warm light, suitable for enhancing the original colour of the matter and bringing out the bricks of the walls. The side towers have been lit with Sigma, using different optics – including an ellipsoidal one – to balance the illuminance levels and precisely follow the contours of the architecture. The clock tower, on the other hand, is lit with Trail, which, thanks to an internal lighting system, enhances the architecture and leaves the battlements in shadow, highlighting them by contrast.

Our solutions were also used to illuminate the hamlet of Roncole Verdi, where Giuseppe Verdi’s birthplace is located, as well as several areas of the town centre: Agathos lanterns illuminate Viale Alfonso Pallavicino, a tree-lined area with a cycle path; Newton, functional floodlights mounted on high-mast lights, and Kalos post top lighting fixtures running alongside the Sports Park, illuminating the sports field and the surrounding track used for running, cycling and skating; Kai and Kairos street lights instead border urban and provincial roads, ensuring safety and viability.

The project has been carried out in collaboration with the technical studio Restart Progetti.



Superintendence of Parma


Technical studio Restart Progetti


Stefano Anzini

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