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Pedestrian paths

Cremona, Italy

In 2018 in Cremona, an Italian city located in southern Lombardy, has been launched a redevelopment project of the entire public lighting system with the aim of progressively replacing 12.516 out-of-standard or technologically obsolete luminaires.

The intervention, which aimed to provide the city with a modern network with LED technology, has allowed to reduce the energy consumption by 61% after just one year, helping to achieve the environmental objectives set by the Administration.

Among the products chosen to redevelop the lighting system there is also our Flat Link, an urban lighting fixture designed by the architect Silvio De Ponte that offers a wide range of combinations of sources, optics and installation methods.

A unique lighting fixture capable of simultaneously meeting all the objectives required by the project:

  • longer duration of light sources;
  • lower energy consumption;
  • differentiation of power in the ignition cycle;
  • excellent uniformity;
  • increase in visual comfort;
  • environmental sustainability;
  • safety.

The new LED lighting fixtures have allowed the Municipality to both comply with the regional legislation on light pollution, eliminating the dispersion of public light upwards, and to improve the energy efficiency. The optics chosen have allowed the homogeneous illumination of roadways and sidewalks, ensuring the safe circulation of vehicles and pedestrians.

An integral part of the intervention has been the construction of the lighting system for the new cycle path that connects Cremona with the Cavatigozzi district. Along the cycle path have been installed 63 curved poles with as many 38W Flat Link Pole Side lighting fixtures, located at a height of 6,5 m and at an intermediate distance of about 37 m.



Stefano Anzini

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