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Fidenza, new light for the city

Fidenza, new light for the city


Fidenza is a historical city characterised by art and culture, located on the Francigena route in the province of Parma. Our own history has some of its roots in this area. We were here in 1993 for the acquisition of Fivep, an important company in the lighting sector. Fivep was the result of the merger between Fidenza Vetraria, specialised in high quality equipment for external and urban lighting, and Pollice Illuminazione, a company with a particularly strong presence in the production of high-performance and highly technological equipment. 

From the acquisition of Fivep to lighting for the city

This year, twenty-six years later, we have returned to Fidenza to provide the city with lighting. The municipality is in fact carrying out important works for the requalification of the public lighting system and the valorisation of the area with a view to the creation of a Smart City. It is an immense honour for us to take part in a project that involves the installation of many of our products: 1079 Orao, 945 Kalos, 196 Agathos, 156 Kosmos, 98 Levante and 14 Cube Flood will create the new lighting system for the city.

The new lighting system has been created in respect of the area and its particular characteristics: lighting at 3000 K has been chosen for the historical centre, a number of versions in the Orao line have been personalised to allow installation on existing support arms that were made specially for the city of Fidenza, and urban areas of particular interest have been completely requalified and illuminated with our Agathos, Kosmos, Kalos, Levante and Orao.

The technical characteristics of the new lighting project for Fidenza

The dimming of the light flux is modulated in accordance with the presence or absence of people in the area in question, thanks to a system of cameras that are capable of detecting presence. 

A wireless remote-control system has been chosen for the dimming of the light flux, created in collaboration with Reverberi.

This solution allows for the remote modification of the operational parameters for the regulation of the light flux, either centralised or for precise areas; for the remote diagnosis of any malfunctions in order to optimise maintenance works and integrate sensors and other devices into the light source for the provision of new services to the city and its citizens.

As of this year, Fidenza will have a public WiFi network, access points for the city, electronic information boards, recharging stations for electric cars, a smart parking system and a weather station. It is estimated that the works will lead to energy savings of 62%.



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