Freedom Bridge, Venice - Cariboni Group
Freedom Bridge

Freedom Bridge

Venice, Italy

A new sustainable oblique illumination realised with LED light has been developed by Cariboni group for the Freedom Bridge, the famous roadway opened in 1933 – 4 km long and 20 m wide – which is still the only way 'access for vehicular traffic to Venice.

This bridge has two lanes in each direction flanked by a wide sidewalk with function of cycle path also, and it is to the latter that GMS Studio Associato of Milan has designed the new illumination, with an intervention aimed at respecting the environment both in terms of energy savings achieved and containment of light pollution.

For the pedestrian path were predicted 1,482 BANISTER "Made in Italy" fittings, handrails and luminous elements apt for uniform illumination, equipped with asymmetrical wide beam optics with possibility of rotation of 45°, and in three different lengths of 2, 1 and 0.5 m.

It is an innovative extremely compact lighting system that guarantees an oblique illumination with LED light sources equipped with excellent chromatic restitution, with a total flow of 400 lm/m. The new lighting realizes annual energy savings above 80%.





GMS Studio Associato _ Milan

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