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La Perle du Lac

La Perle du Lac

Tunis, Tunisia

An innovative smart city entirely designed to meet the needs of citizens and tourists from all points of view: organization, aesthetics, functionality, safety, mobility, sustainability and fun. Every aspect has been carefully studied to transform this new urban and residential center into the exemplification of an innovative urban philosophy.

Developed by the Societé de Promotion du Lac de Tunis (SPLT), La Perle du Lac extends over 65 hectares in the north-west and south-west areas of the lake shores located in the northern area of Tunis. Residents and visitors will be able to take full advantage of its beauties, in particular those related to water: take boat trips, enjoy delicacies in floating restaurants and practice non-polluting water sports, in line with the philosophy of sustainable urbanization underlying the project.

Buildings are erected on stepped structured lands to guarantee each of them a view of the lake, while neighbourhoods - connected by the underground - are organized by thematic areas: financial center, residential and administrative districts, shopping district, areas dedicated to entertainment and leisure, hotels and a private hospital.

Considering the innovative concept underlying the city and the desire to focus on the needs of its inhabitants, in the project could not be missing extensive green areas, including a double path at the lakefront, dedicated to walks (in the upper area) and sports (in the lower area). Five kilometers of cycle paths, many different water activities and a majestic pier complete the offer of this smart city, which will become a great pole of attraction for Tunisians and tourists.

Two products designed by Cariboni Group has been chosen for the lighting of this urban jewel, both with a wide range of combinations of light sources, optics and installation methods: Kosmos, in the Post Top configuration, and Flat Link, in the Pole Side variation. Two lighting fixtures with LED technology developed to illuminate urban spaces and paths, ensuring visual comfort and energy savings. Their versatility and modern design have allowed their installation close to the lakefront, road arteries, residential districts, green and pedestrian areas.

Following the goal of a sustainable urbanization, both products have been equipped with a remote control system which allows dimming the luminous flux and remotely diagnose any malfunctions to optimize maintenance.



Societé de Promotion du Lac de Tunis (SPLT)

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