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Suspended Bridge

Suspended Bridge

Ubiale Clanezzo, Italy

In the province of Bergamo, Ubiale Clanezzo is a little municipality with historical sights to visit while enjoying the natural landscape of Lombardy; medieval relics, a Castle, the Attone stone bridge and a hanging overpass known as ‘’the moving bridge’’.

For 75 meters visitors can walk over Brembo river through a wooden, narrow catwalk built in 1878 as a link between its two banks. Once the evening falls, every step is gently lit by a compact and elegant lighting fixture: Grace.

Mounted only along one side of the bridge, this small walk-over solution has a continuous radial emission that generates an even and comfortable light distribution. Grace sets a visual rhythm that enhances the wooden walkway during the hours of darkness without obstructing the view of the magical surrounding landscape.

Grace, as by its name is a very elegant and delicate element, without visible screws or fastening parts, blending perfectly with the architecture.

Light is emitted by a silicon ribbon, at 360° or 180° angle grazing on the path.

Light is cast only on the walking surface guaranteeing safety while enhancing the thrilling experience of ‘’flying’’ over the river.


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