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Urban lighting redevelopment

Urban lighting redevelopment

Lecco, Italy

Lecco, famous throughout the world for being the city where Alessandro Manzoni set his novel 'I promessi sposi' (The Betrothed), is a Lombardy municipality with more than 47,000 inhabitants and is located on the branch of Lake Como that is known as the Lecco branch.

And it is from the lake that has begun the project to redevelop its urban lighting.

In cooperation with City Green Light, for the lighting of the lakefront has been chosen Poli, our post top with elegant and essential shapes that by day decorates the urban space and at night, emphasised by light, marks the landscape with luminous geometries. 

High lighting performances

The project involved the use of Poli with wide beam asymmetrical street optics and a flux of approximately 2,000lm. With this configuration the product proved to be optimal for the conditions of use, guaranteeing complete integration with the territorial context. The technical choice of a lighting fixture with a high-quality standard and high lighting performances made it possible, in full compliance with the UNI EN 11248 standard, to replace a luminaire with a discharge source and a nominal power of 70W with a new generation LED source and an operating power of about 15W.

Instead Kairos, our lighting fixture with high-performances in terms of both light distribution quality and energy efficiency, has been chosen for the streets.

Energy savings

Asymmetrical street optics and LEDs with a colour temperature of 4,000K with an average system efficiency of 146 lm/w have been used. The employment of several optics (medium and wide beam) made it possible to achieve excellent lighting results (in terms of average luminance, uniformity and glare) as well as energy savings; for almost 3,000 lighting fixtures, the average nominal power of 105W has been reduced to an average LED operating power of about 30W.



City Green Light


Daniele Cortese

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