Historic centre

Historic centre

Centelles, Spain

Orao by Cariboni Group has been used to illuminate the renovated historic centre of the Spanish municipality of Centelles.

Positioned on the period façades, the lighting units needed to respond to two different but fundamentally important requirements: functionality and aesthetics.

In terms of functionality, it was necessary on the one hand that the units provided adequate lighting for the street, rendering it safe and fully usable even at night, while on the other, it was important that the light did not create any disturbance to the homes facing the street.

From an aesthetic point of view, the work called for the utmost integration with the very characteristic buildings in the historic centre.

Visual comfort

The excellent visual comfort offered by Orao, combined with the aesthetic and technical characteristics of the product, were among the fundamental factors that led the local administration to opt for this solution, which represented the best balance between the various requirements expressed during the planning stage.

New generation products and continuous research allow historic city centres to be provided with lighting that is efficient and which, at the same time, eliminates the problems traditionally related to lighting units situated very close to homes and therefore to bedrooms and other areas of the house.

Security and aesthetics

Another fundamental consideration when dealing with the lighting of a historic centre is, as mentioned above, the balance between security and aesthetics. While it is obvious how well-illuminated streets have a direct influence on the level of security of the same, it is also worth considering how the correct form of lighting allows the most fascinating and characteristic aspects of historical centres to be accented, allowing them to be better experienced and appreciated, even at night. Project by the architectural firm Marta Costa + Mercè Palau, lighting calculations by Cristina Carme. Products used: Orao.




Architectural firm Marta Costa + Mercè Palau


Stefano Anzini


Cristina Carme

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