Medieval Village, Trisobbio - Cariboni Group
Medieval Village, Trisobbio

Medieval Village, Trisobbio

Alessandria, Italy

Cariboni group, in collaboration with the municipality of Trisobbio, is an active part of the energy requalification of lighting system of one of the oldest villages of Monferrato.

The main objective of the intervention consists of starting a process of optimization and increasing the efficiency in Public Lighting system, which guarantees energy saving for the Administration, reduction of maintenance interventions and lighting engineering renovation complying with current regulation in terms of safety and light pollution.

In addition to the unavoidable objectives of environmental impact reduction, the project aims at enhancing urban space and improving the liveability of old town centres and residential areas.
The project not only satisfies the functional needs of the area of interest, but is committed to protect the historic value of the place, improve driveability, and increase the real and perceived security levels of the people living there.

The selection of street furniture components followed the same criteria for enhancing the urban environment of the rest of the project. Cariboni proposed for the intervention AGATHOS lantern with LED technology. AGATHOS has completely replaced the old luminaires in the village. Product geometries are coherent with the environment and LED technology has improved its perception thanks to the optical systems designed for old town centres, high colour rendering index and warmer colour temperature that fits to materials of the village.
AGATHOS has been provided both POST TOP and SUSPENSION ARM versions for a coherent intervention with the existing system.

Overall, the project has expected important benefits for the municipality like an energy saving, in some cases, up to 70%; operating costs saving, thanks to less maintenance of the light fittings and upgrading obsolete systems. The area of interest is predominantly pedestrian and the correct lighting project contributes to the reduction of crime, vandalism and accidents.

In addition to reducing light pollution, the environmental benefits, such as the strong waste reduction destined for disposal, are noteworthy. 
Thanks to the use of more durable light sources and totally recyclable materials based on the "whole metal + glass" standard production, the project aligns itself with the principles of circular economy, product life cycle extension and waste reduction.
The project for the redevelopment of the village of Trisobbio is a completely "Made in Italy" intervention, indeed Italian producers have been selected to provide all materials.

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Lighting Consultants: Eng. Luca Baldissone and Surveyor Giorgio Reita

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