Private villa

Private villa

Yaafour, Qatana District, Syria

A luxury private villa where the outdoor space is an integral part of the environments of those who live there: usability, safety and beauty have been the keywords to keep in mind for the lighting design of the garden and the poolside.

Versatile, modern and sustainable product

Needs fully met thanks to the installation of a single product, which is versatile, modern and sustainable: Kalos, a system with LED technology designed for urban and residential lighting.

Kalos, one of our best-known and appreciated products, represents an efficient and versatile solution thanks also to the availability of a wide range of optical configurations and application variants.

Front & Back optics

To illuminate this luxury villa has been chosen the Pole Side version on a decorative arm with Front & Back street optic and a warm white colour temperature: the modern design and the simple and elegant shapes of the product perfectly match the style of the residence, integrating naturally with its environments.

The Front & Back optics has allowed to illuminate with a single light point both the garden in front of the residence and the terrace around it, thus allowing significant energy savings and a possible reduction in maintenance costs.



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