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Vingis Park

Vingis Park

Vilnius, Lithuania

Vingis Park is the largest and the oldest park in Vilnius, Lithuania. Located in a bend of the Neris River, it covers 162 hectares ant its history dates back several centuries. Renovated in 1965, it houses the University's botanical garden, a stadium and an amphitheatre and is now used for public events, concerts, sports competitions and political gatherings. Thanks to carousels, cafés, restaurants and bicycle and roller-skate rental points it’s the hub of numerous recreational activities.

A long bridge, opened in 1985 and reserved for pedestrians and cyclists, connects the park with Žvėrynas, an exclusive tree-lined district of the city known for its refined wooden houses dating back to the early 20th century, which alternate with elegant contemporary residences. The pedestrian bridge, which is a smaller copy of the Vanšu Bridge, the cable-stayed bridge crossing the Daugava River in Riga, the capital of Latvia, has been designed and built by the same team from Leningrad.

Rotosymmetrical and Front & Back street optics

Concurrently with the recent urban redevelopment of the bridge and the surrounding pedestrian area, with the aim of modernising the public lighting system, making it more efficient and safer, has been chosen our Kalos lighting fixture in the post top configuration, with rotosymmetrical and Front & Back street optics. The Front & Back optic has allowed to illuminate with a single light point both the main pedestrian paths and the green areas behind them, thus letting considerable energy savings.

Kalos is a versatile LED luminaire with a modern design for urban and residential lighting. It is available in different configurations and in the variants with two or four arms; the latter can be fitted with a decorative upper cover. All versions are supplied with a virtual midnight self-learning system with customizable lighting programming.

The lighting project has been carried out by our partner Lucidus Techno UAB.

Photographer: Norbert Tukaj




Norbert Tukaj


Lucidus Techno UAB

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