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Public spaces

Public spaces

Barcelona, Spain

Cariboni group is an active part of the important requalification and integrated management project of public spaces of Sant Martí district of Barcelona; the objective of work was to enact all the actions necessary for the adjustment of the cycle-pedestrian connectivity of Mar Bella beach.
Specifically, the project aspired to improve living conditions in public spaces of carreteras Bilbao and Bac de Roda, and Passeig Maritim Bogatell seafront, for pedestrians, cycles, authorized vehicles and, after the recent construction of skate park, for skateboarders.
The following objectives are noteworthy:

• integration of different patterns of urbanization;
• ennobling of aesthetically damaged areas;
• renovation of lighting network;
• creation of a wireless network;
• achieving energy savings and minimizing light pollution;
• using of low environmental impact materials and easy maintenance and replacement.
Cariboni lighted up cycle pedestrian areas and seafront providing LED fittings called KALOS POST TOP and PHOS PLUS POLE SYSTEM.
This system consists of pole of height 6.5 m with a rocker arm installed on top which, on the one hand, carries PHOS PLUS for lighting cycle pedestrian paths and free time areas, while on the other hand a luminous light creates a fascinating illuminated track by drawing the whole path.

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