Waterfront, Pescara - Cariboni Group


Pescara, Italy

The design developed for the innovative LED urban lighting system ORAO makes it possible to reduce the visibility of the LED source while ensuring, at the same time, an optimal illumination.
Not only that: its high energy efficiency and innovative remote control system make it the most farsighted choice for every public administration that has to deal with an urban lighting project.
The view over the illuminated city is breathtaking: behind the imposing Torre Civica rises a line of white light, as if it wants to unite sky and water in a city where its very relationship with the sea has created, throughout the centuries, a distinctive and unique feature.
This line of light, characterized by minimal and clean shapes but very impressive at the same time, is the Ponte del Mare bridge. Just a few steps from it, the Madonnina del Porto statue towers over the cycling and pedestrian pathway that marks the sea promenade with its light parade.




Municipality of Pescara

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