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Redevelopment of the municipal park

Redevelopment of the municipal park

Binago, Italy

The park is located in the historical centre of Binago, in the province of Como, in a key area due to its proximity to the town's main services: the municipal offices, the middle school, the gym, the library, the medical clinic and the playground.

The project redeveloped the municipal park, which covers an area of approximately 1,800 m², by working on vegetation, paving and lighting.

The green element has been designed to respect the landscape and urban features of the site and to ensure not only the ornamental and ecological aspect, but also the maintenance and management of the greenery. A lot of attention was also given to the selection of materials for the stabilised earth and stone paving.

Our Ekleipsis product, in Bollard and Pole versions, has been chosen for the new lighting of the park entrance boulevard, near the war memorial, the pedestrian paths, the rest areas and the playground area.

A lighting fixture with an indirect light optical system, designed with three objectives at the basis of every design choice: soft, pleasant lighting, a universal shape and a clean structure.

The front disc screens the LED sources, making them completely invisible regardless of the angle from which the product is observed. The absence of an optical protection screen means the product has greater resistance to mechanical impact without compromising its watertightness.



Municipality of Binago


Landscape architect Giuliana Gatti


Stefano Anzini

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