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Smart City, Cesano Boscone

Smart City, Cesano Boscone

Metropolitan city of Milan, Italy

Cesano Boscone is a municipality in the Italian metropolitan area of Milan that in 2018 chose to improve the urban environment in order to increase the welfare of all citizens. The interventions were aimed primarily at environmental sustainability, security and communications.

Smart city technologies were integrated into the new public lighting network for the provision and management of new services: surveillance cameras in front of schools, nurseries and the library, internet access with WiFi hot spots in the historic centre and major public parks, charging stations for electric cars to encourage sustainable mobility, totems with useful information on the territory, able to guarantee maximum interactivity between institutions and citizens, traffic detection systems, weather stations to give real-time information to citizens and smart benches to create multimedia gathering points to recharge your mobile phone or connect your smartphone, tablet or notebook to WiFi.

With this operation urban spaces are more liveable through better lighting quality and easier connectivity.

Approximately 2000 light points have been involved: older systems have been completely replaced and the remaining were adjusted in compliance to standard regulations. The old lamps were replaced with the latest Cariboni optical LED systems. The products chosen were: Kalos, Kai, Agathos, Levante, Newton and Flat Link.

In addition to energy savings of 70%, the Cariboni light solutions have enabled a significant reduction of light pollution and a reduction of maintenance operations.

In fact, the remote management systems integrated into the new illumination points allow the reduction of the luminous flux at night when there is less traffic flow and for faults to be detected remotely. The desire to enhance urban spaces at night has required us to adjust the colour temperature of the white light for different installation contexts. 

Cariboni has provided their own systems in three different selections: neutral light 4000K, warm light 3000K and ultra-warm light 2200K. The preference for low colour temperatures is due to the need to enhance night vision, reduce glare and to contain their environmental impact.

“An important and costly redevelopment project - explains the Mayor Simone Negri - that was necessitated by the assessment that only 60% of the lighting fixtures were in good condition and that around 1,000 were not in compliance with regulations. Not forgetting the growing problems caused by the ageing networks of some installations, which in recent years have prompted increasingly expensive and invasive interventions...”.

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