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Train Station

Train Station

Monterosso, Italy

Cariboni Group participated in the redevelopment of the Monterosso station, the largest and most ancient village of the Cinque Terre.

This is a project related to the redevelopment and demolition of architectural barriers to promote the accessibility of the stations and the exchange with other modes of transport in the Cinque Terre Park stations. Specifically, the activities carried out in the Monterosso station consist of enlarging the third sidewalk and raising to 55 cm the first sidewalk to facilitate access to trains; the demolition of architectural barriers; the redevelopment of station buildings, underpasses and shelters as well as the upgrading of lighting and new facilities for public information.

Cariboni supplied LED fittings called KAI POLE SYSTEM LED for lighting up the side docks. The luminaires, characterized by high lighting performance thanks to the asymmetrical street optics suitable to illuminate the cycle-pedestrian areas, have replaced the previous lamps considered obsolete, favoring the achievement of the objectives of energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, enhancement of space and improvement of safety levels.

"These are interventions - comments Gianni Berrino, Regional Councilor for Transport - that improve and make the Cinque Terre Park stations more accessible. We believe that, from 2015 to today, important steps have already been taken towards increasing the efficiency of the railway service within the Cinque Terre: the interventions already scheduled show that the commitment continues. In addition to the restyling of the stations and the elimination of critical infrastructures on the route, we are at work, together with the Municipalities of the Park, to create a signage, within the stations, that is immediately identifying the Cinque Terre brand that I consider strategic also as Tourism Councilor."




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