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Île-de-France, France

Sucy en Brie is a municipality in the Île-de-France region, located 15 km from the gates of Paris, with a population of 26,000, whose urban centre has faced some development difficulties due to pressure from nearby commercial areas. The city has reinforced the attractiveness of its urban centre by enlarging it, creating an urban continuity between the historic city and the market area, and by opening new shops. Pending the realisation of the new housing and commercial projects, the city has decided to start renewing the identity of the centre by redeveloping the historic area, the heart of the city centre.

A project to enhance buildings, a revelation of the village's often forgotten architectural history

The illumination of the village, of its simple heritage but full of gems to be revealed, accentuates the village atmosphere to which the inhabitants of this town are very attached. By highlighting certain architectural details through lighting, this part of the city has been enhanced: at night, bricks, ceramic friezes and pelmets are once again visible to all.

The lighting fixture has become an identifying element for the city

For this project has been designed and engineered a line of luminaires consisting of poles, brackets and lanterns on catenaries. The choice of a nocturnal presence of the “luminous object” has been shared by the whole team of the 8'18'' studio. Thanks to the application of a carved metal decoration inspired by plant forms, Cariboni Group's Kosmos lighting fixture, installed in the arm suspension and string suspension versions, has become an identifying element for the city; its uniqueness testifies to the special attention dedicated to this place. The light emitted, obtained with a colour temperature of 3000K, is warm white. A very light frosted finish, integrated between the decoration and the lantern, ensures visual comfort by limiting the view of the source. At night, this frosted finish enhances the metal solution, transforming it into an urban design element.

The installation of the lanterns on catenaries in the main shopping street made it possible to maintain the visual continuity of the street and to accompany the visitor to the most important historical buildings in the city.

The whole lighting system is intelligently managed to reduce consumption and preserve the night sky. At 11 p.m. the floodlights are switched off and the lanterns reduce their intensity by 60%.

Contracting authority: Municipality of Sucy en Brie (94), Île-de-France

Project management: 8'18'' lighting designers and visual artists

François Migeon, artistic director

Loris Tretout, project director

Linea Muckensturm, assistant

Architects: Jacques Cholet DTACC and Bernard Durand

Research department: BATT



Municipality of Sucy en Brie (94), Île-de-France


8'18'' studio, lighting designers and visual artists


Anthony Perrot

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