Trail Solid Line
Trail Solid Line


Trail Solid Line

Trail is the ideal solution for indoor and outdoor linear lighting wherever light quality, reliability and energy efficiency are required.


Light quality

Light quality

The quality of the sources and the special linear optical system ensure that the light output is homogeneous and the materials give a high colour rendering index. When installed side-by-side in a continuous line, Trail modules ensure continuous, even distribution without any shadows on the illuminated surfaces. The anti-glare screen has a finish that diffuses the light to ensure high visual comfort. The screen is made of tempered glass to improve light transmission compared to plastics.
Trail Solid Line


Trail Solid Line offers all the benefits of a light line without the need to recess the product. An elegant aluminium enclosure is fastened to the ceiling and accommodates the Trail modules, hiding the electrical power supply and system control components.
Trail Solid Line
Attention to detail

Attention to detail

The heads of each individual product are very small to minimise the break in light due to the joint between modules.
Trail Solid Line
Easy to install

Easy to install

The quick plug-socket connections ensure that the Trail Solid Line modules can be connected quickly and easily. The power supply kit is housed in the aluminium enclosure.
Trail Solid Line


The product is robust and reliable. Components, materials and finishes have been chosen to last a long time and resist corrosion, infiltration and mechanical impact.



Fitting flux

2320 lm -> 4640 lm

Fitting efficiency

63 lm/W

Ambient temperature

-10°C +45°C


10.00 kg

Colour temperature (CCT)

3000 K,  4000 K

Colour rendering index (CRI)

≥ 80

Chromatic consistency (SDCM)

≤ 3

Electrical connection

pre-wired product, cable L=1,5m


remote (to be ordered separately)

Labels and certifications



extrusion and further anodization


closing heads and fastening accessories made of die-cast aluminium alloy UNI EN AB 47100 (copper content < 1%)


highly transparent technopolymer lenses


transparent flat glass


natural anodized aluminium


Flow adjustment in 1-10V and DALI

1-10V — This is an analogue type control system based on the distribution of a voltage signal between 1 and 10 Volt, where 1 V corresponds to the minimum light intensity value and 10 V corresponds to the maximum value. DALI — This is a digital type control system where every device is assigned a unique address that allows the individual light points to be controlled and the control units to be created.

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Fitting flux (lm)
2320 4640
Fitting power (W)
37 74
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Product codes Size Source Optics Lm out W tot K Download
06TR6H2303J L. 2500mm LED ultra-wide beam 80°/100° 2320 37 4000
06TR6H2393J L. 2500mm LED ultra-wide beam 80°/100° 2320 37 3000
06TR6Q4303J L. 2500mm LED ultra-wide beam 80°/100° 4640 74 4000
06TR6Q4393J L. 2500mm LED ultra-wide beam 80°/100° 4640 74 3000

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