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Train Station

Train Station

Ancona, Italy

Improve the accessibility and the usability of stations, at the same time increasing functionality, decorum and safety. It is with these aims in mind that Rete Ferroviaria Italiana has launched the Easy Station project for the improvement of physical space in stations and information to the public.
In this light, the project also involves Ancona train station, where Trail Solid Line by Cariboni Group is used with excellent results: it is a product designed specifically for places destined for mobility that unites easy installation with a resistant structure in stainless steel, guaranteed durability, uniform lighting and excellent visual comfort.

Station lighting: eliminate areas of shadow

In station lighting, it is important to make sure that there are no areas of shadow, both for a question of functionality and safety. When placed end to end in a continuous line, the Trail Solid Line modules eliminate them completely, guaranteeing uniform distribution of light over both vertical and horizontal surfaces: the effect is favoured by the excellent optical performance and the highly compact dimensions of the module heads, which reduce the interruption of light in the joints to a minimum. 

Trail Solid Line: why it is perfect for station lighting

Trail Solid Line is a versatile product that can provide tangible solutions in various conditions and is available both in indoor (IN) and outdoor (OUT) versions

The main point to stress is that it is easy to install and the recessed version also has an extremely reduced depth, therefore allowing it to be installed for example in false ceilings of restricted depth. 

The steel structure guarantees increased resistance over time, while electrical connection is quick and easy, thanks to the rapid plug-socket connectors.

Visual comfort is favoured by the finish of the anti-glare screen, while the high colour rendering of the materials (SDCM = 3 and CRI = 90) and the uniformity of the light are guaranteed by the selection of LEDs. Furthermore, the screen is made of tempered glass, allowing for better light transmission. Lastly, the lighting modules offer excellent insulation (IP67) and excellent impact resistance (IK08). 




Rete Ferroviaria Italiana

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