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Lake Carona

Lake Carona

Carona, Italy

Carona is a small charming and poetic Italian municipality in the province of Bergamo, in Lombardy.

Known as “the pearl of the Brembana Valley”, it is located at an altitude of 1110 metres and overlooks a small artificial lake, around which nature trails develop towards the mountain and numerous recreational activities are possible (trekking, mountain biking, walking and horse riding, etc.).

We have illuminated the right bank of the lake, at the pathways and the skating rink.

By replacing the old discharge lamps with street lighting fixtures with LED technology, we have both significantly reduced energy consumption and improved the quality of light distribution.

It has been used Kairos, our street fixture with high-performance light distribution quality and energy efficiency.

The choice of a colour temperature of 2200 K, a very warm white similar to old sodium lamps but with a high colour rendering index, has simultaneously made it possible to make the area welcoming and attractive while limiting light pollution and protecting biodiversity.



Stefano Anzini

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